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Bienvenue and Bienvenidos to our summer language camp in Lenox!


[Our daughter] loves camp and wishes it were all summer!  We are so impressed.

Parent Evaluation 

What a wonderful experience this was for my daughter.  I thank you for opening up a new chapter in her story.  She really had a great time this week. 


Best camp to date!

Parent Evaluation

I wish you guys could have a few more weeks!

Parent Evaluation

Thank you for this wonderful week of camp!

Parent Email

[My daughter] wishes this camp was two weeks, not one.  Happy kid.


Mrs. Dupuis, or Madame, as her students call her, is the type of teacher every child deserves to have.  She fosters growth and passion through immersion trips and French events throughout the school community (for example, French poetry contests and the French Ciné Club).  Madame takes an active part in educating students based on the world around them.

Maggie S.

Mme Dupuis uses techniques that are varied, exciting, and often cutting edge. Her teaching provided the solid foundation for both my children to continue French study in college.  One has since received a Bachelor’s degree in French and both were inspired by Mme to travel internationally and spend semesters studying abroad.  

Janice M.

Madame Dupuis is perhaps the best foreign language teacher I have ever had. Her passion for teaching is clearly visible in everything she does.   She is constantly learning new techniques to enhance the learning experience and caters every lesson to the student that she is teaching in order to ensure that the method that they are learning is the right one for them. From Quizlet Live, to Google Classroom, she knows the right thing for everyone. In all honesty, Madame is an amazing teacher who can teach anyone to love the art of the language.  

Jimmy J.

Not only is [Anne’s] French impeccable, not only is her accent beautiful, she is an exemplary role model for all of us in the profession.  I have always admired her ability to adjust and adapt all aspects of her teaching – lessons, assignments, projects, etc. – to suit the age and interests of each particular group of students, and every individual student as well. I have observed the kind and supportive role she plays in her students’ lives not only as a colleague but also as a parent when my own two children were lucky to have Mme Dupuis as their French teacher! 

Liz B.